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Principal Message :-


There is a time and a place for all actions and it is not coincidence that you have seen our website today. At Acharya Sudarshan Vidyapeeth we look forward to take your child under the guidance and tutelage with the best teachers, best infrastructure, best attitude and the very best intentions.

          We stand committed here at the academy to fulfill the dreams we both share. To us every child is unique and a gifted one, and with a holistic approach, we shall nurture the same in every child. This millennium is to be addressed with the state of art technology at the center stage and our brave little ones must groom up to shoulder the challenge. We at Village – Mubarakpur are fully ready and our preparation is complete for the sacred journey.

          As India grows and develops, it will need now new leaders in every field. Acharya Sudarshan Vidyapeeth behind its founder has a long history of nurturing leaders, and you can find a Dipsite in very major organization in pivotal decision making positions.

          The power of Acharya Sudarshan Vidyapeeth will be your child’s future wealth. Children, like uncut diamond, need to be polished before their real value emerges. At Acharya Sudarshan Vidyapeeth we have perfected the art of doing that. I look forward to welcome your child into Acharya Sudarshan Vidyapeeth family.