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The Visionary :-


Born in Mubarakpur, Sitamarhi on 2nd June 1937, Dr. Y. K. Sudarshanhas ushered in a sort of educational revolution across the country. Reverentially hailed as Acharya Shree Sudarshanji Maharaj due to his spritual tinge and flair. HBP (Hamein Bhi Padhao) appears to be mirroring his deep-seated concern for the downtrodden providing quality education to slum dwellers. His books and dozens of International and national awards coupled with extensive tours representing India at global forum have all been live testimonials for his obsession for Education & spiritual tinge. Acharya Shree and Education appear to be cut out for each other, whether educating young & the grown up in his preachings.
Being concerned at the gross erosion in the value system and morality, theRevered Acharya Shree has recently authored a series of text books meant to promote our age old and time tested values among students captioned METHODS OF LIFE. His legendry contribution to the spiritual world is "Sudarshan Ramayan" & having the path of pure, peaceful & pious living of people as human beings.